The White House Vegetable Garden

We all know how the US government claims GMO’s to be safe and “environmental-friendly”. President Obama doesn’t seem to have any concerns about genetically-modified food. But let’s take a look at the White House’s own vegetable garden, the kitchen garden. If GMO was really that great, why doesn’t the White House go ahead and use them? The White House vegetable garden is not only organic, it also only uses all-natural pest control. Let’s go and take a look! Continue reading


“Smart” Psycho Analysis: What your Meta Data tells the NSA

Even though the American Secret Agency NSA will probably have to restrict the collecting and saving of so called Meta Data (like involved phone numbers, places, call time and duration, etc.), the telecommunication companies will continuously save the data. On the first sign it may seem like these aren’t any personal informations but even just the technical characteristic of the phone data often allows surprising insight to hidden informations.

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